Monday, September 03, 2007

4th September
Can someone give me strength. I am feeling so restless , i just dun seem to have any physical or mental strength to do anything. Sometimes words are just like sharpe knives. Every words that yr the other half said might cut yr heart. Its weird that how things had turn out. Is it my own undoing?
Is it time to move on and let go ......... I shouldnt be selfish to cling on to something that jolly well doesnt belongs to me? My mind is so blank and my heart is beating so hard and strong to my great discomfort.
The scene was so familiar. There was the gate, the door , and the living room. My mind flashes back to that time. It seems like it was just so yesterday that similiar incident just happen. The feeling was terrible,the place was scary and its seems like a dark hole there.
The topics that were brought up was sensitive. It never ever occur to me that the topic will ever be brought up. Strenght is all i need. I have done everything within my own little capability to get things moving in the right direction that i felt was right. Maybe the vision and the picture we see doesnt align to one another. Is communication the tool that we have been lacking so far. Maybe Maybe....
There always a saying........... If only i knew................

Monday, August 06, 2007

Food Food Food... Fat Fat Fat

All The New Hires being Tekan....

Overlooking Everyone
4 Hot Babes

Manufacturing outing .. yeah..we didnt have to work on that friday ... Just started work only a week plus and yes its food, fun , and babes. WEll not exactly... ahahah everyone is attached and married... While i am also taken.



YEs i stole her fire fighting uniform and struck a post. Nice ass rite.. HOhoho

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

CONVO 2007

The very few important people in the life in NTU... Thank u people once again

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Seriously i still think i look like i have Rat ears.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

1 Second away from losing $100

Last Saturday i went for my IPPT at Khatib Camp... I was so not ready cause it have been quite sometime since i last exercise. Mentally i was ready, but physically i am not. I felt so weak when i was there.

Movitation factor was the $200 carrot that keeps me going or rather should i say running. Static station was a breeze, but i guess i did put on lots of weight from my Japan trip and of cos during the exams period. I had to run below 12.1 secs to get silver and $200.

Lap 1 : 1min 45 sec (Weak knees)

Lap 2 : 3 min 45 sec (I cant breathe)

Lap 3 : I cant remember anything

Lap 4 : Should i stop ? i cant take it any longer

Lap5 : 10 mins 15 sec .(Can i get my $200)

Lap 6 : 12.00 (My lungs are bursting , my heart is pumping so much that i thought that i was going to die.)

I managed to complete my freaking 2.4 km for the year 2007 . Guess i m old. If i ran 12.1 sec i would only get $100 ... i guess the wind did help me abit .... hohoho...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Transformation from Undergrad to Graduate ( Part 1)

My education route is one with lots of long bends and turns. It definetly hasnt been straight and smooth.

Back in 1999 after i completed my National Service. Armed with an O level Cert, i was lost. I didnt know what was installed for me. All i learned in Army was to walk and walk and walk. We can walk from one end of Singapore to the other end. We climbed mountains in taiwan , Brunei and Thailand. I went Brunei twice. Pls kill me. It is always about walking. So what the hell am i going to do ?

After Army i found a job as a supervisor at Bonvest. I was a supervisor with Orange Julius. I had my own stall to run and with staffs to look after. After 3 months into the job i got bored. Am i going to sell hot dogs and make orange juice for the rest of my life? My dad once told me ... What ever u do please choose a properly and decent job .. that was back in secondary school days. After O level.. He was worry that i might stick to the kind of job that i intially started out with.

Somehow thinking back i sort of agreed with him now. Cos the first job i got was

1) Steak Escape ( Teppenyaki kind of restaurant)

2) Fratini Italian Restaurant ( At Taka)

3) Planet Hollywood (Singapore)

4) Planer Brahaus (One of the biggest restaurant in Singapore back then before they close
and reopen)

5) School Clerk ( Choon Boon Primary.. I prepare exams papers n stuff)

6) Outdoor sales... (This gotta be one of the worst job ..It a con job)
7) Orange Julius (Supervisor)

8) Life Guard

9) Swimming Instructor

10) Process Enginner

11) Property Agent.

Yes i got stuck in the F&B industry, i always have a soft spot for service line. The time i had working in all these places were great. Talking to strangers , chit chatting , providing a personal service and seeing them response to me and of cos being slam by the kitchen orders when the restaurant are full house... Those were the times.............

After a year working in OJ , i decided to apply for a place in one of the 4 polytechnics. Waiting for reply was one of the most painful thing for me back then... When i finally got a reply from Ngee Ann Poly i was like so freaking overjoy ...... We are pleased to inform you that your application for the course of Quality Management Engineering is successful. Wowohoho
i can continue with my education... Due to some reasons i got into Mechanical Enginnering.........
3 long painful years later , i managed to graduate with a diploma.

Some times you hear people saying aiyah .. what is diploma.???Everywhere you go, you any how ask someone on the street , he/she is a diploma holder. This is something which i agree, what is important to me is the process and progress to getting the diploma... Some people have it easy , life is a breeze for them . For me its never smooth, however i still end up at the same spot with the rest, which i personally felt is important to me.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Post Exams

Thursday was my finally paper in NTU (Hopefully) . Felt abit lost once i got out of the exam hall. Had lunch with my course mates. hohoh... after that my dad came n pick me home. Evening was spent viewing HDB flats at Tampines. Hopefully i can close the deal before i leave for japan in a week time.

Caught Spiderman 3 on a friday night with my secondary school frzs... Its been a long time since i met them. Saturday night .......i went to "Yes "Ah Yat again to have dinner with devil's family... Dinner lasted for 4 hours again .... i dun know what the hell they chefs are doing ...Anyway its a norm that dinner last so long at Ah Yat...... yummy yummy .........
Mango Pudding (Must have)

Cold Cold Crab

Bamboo Clam
Yes my " Dan Gu Chun" shot up after this 10 course dinner.
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